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Who can join airdrie bmx?

Anyone aged 4 and up who can confidently ride a two-wheel bike, wants to race, and most importantly HAVE FUN!.

Children must turn 4 by the end of December of the current calendar year to take part in district racing only. Children who turn 5 by the end of December of the current calendar year receive a full BMX license and can take part in district and provincial level racing.

How do I get started?

BMX Day in Alberta is a great way to try BMX for free. This takes place in late May or early June each year. Check out Alberta BMX for information. Or if you are ready to join, head over to our "how to get started" link. There you can sign up to join Airdrie BMX for the season. You will also need to purchase an Alberta Bicycle license. Just follow the Instructions.

Why do I need an ALBERTA BICYCLE license as well as a Club membership?

The Alberta Bicycle Association requires a license for any rider in Alberta of any sanctioned bike discipline. This is for liability reasons and all funds go to Alberta Bicycle. For more information, can go to An Airdrie BMX membership is required to join the Airdrie BMX club and those membership fees go towards running our facility and the programs we offer.

What are the CLUB fees? how much does it cost?

Airdrie BMX has an annual club fee. These fees go directly to Airdrie BMX and help support our facility costs, coaching and equipment. All riders are also required to obtain a license through Alberta Bicycle Association. License fees are set each calendar year and vary depending on the type of license you obtain.



Financial assistance is available through KidSport and JumpStart programs.  Each of these organizations has their own application process.  Details are on their websites.


Airdrie BMX has a volunteer bond to help encourage association members to step forward and get involved. It requires many hands to host a successful race season and with the growth of the club, we need to ensure that we balance the increased demands against our philosophy of making BMX racing fun and affordable. The bond is $200 per family for 20 hours of volunteer work throughout the season. A post dated cheque or refundable fee is required at registration and all volunteer hours throughout the season are tracked and reported. Have a unique skill set that would help the club? Speak to a board member how we can work with you directly. 

Airdrie BMX offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities for all skill and ability levels. It is a great way to learn about our sport and gain a better understanding of BMX racing!

WHAT IS THE Referral program?

Airdrie BMX has a referral program to encourage members to bring new riders into our club.  Very simply, bring in friends or neighbors to try out the sport and if they register with our club you will receive a 5 hour credit towards your volunteer commitment. If you help register multiple members of a household, it will only count as one which matches our volunteer bond by family.  Also, this does not apply to multiple members of the same family.  For example, you cannot register one child and then apply this credit towards other family members. Another requirement is that the new rider must not have been a registered Airdrie BMX rider in the past 5 years. In order to claim this credit, the new rider must identify the sponsor rider during registration either online or in person at track registration.

What do I get for being AN Airdrie BMX Member?

With an Airdrie BMX membership you can join coaching once a week, as well as  take part in district racing on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The season typically starts in early May and ends in late September (all weather-dependent).

What equipment do I need to start?

You need a BMX race bike to effectively race on the track. These are specific to the sport and do not have kick stands, freestyle pegs or accessories like reflectors. They also have different geometry and gearing than a BMX bike you would normally see on the street or at the skatepark. They are VERY lightweight and strong to withstand the track. You will also need a full-face helmet (a BMX race or downhill MTB helmet), gloves, closed-toe shoes, long pants, and a long sleeved shirt at a minimum. Most BMX racers wear motocross style jerseys and pants that are tear resistant. Airdrie BMX has loaner bikes available for your use so you can try before you buy.

Where can I find used gear?

Check out Alberta Bmx Buy and Sell on Facebook. Otherwise you can try Kijiji or local bike shops like B&P Cycle, Bow Cycle or Cranked. Sometimes used gear is sold at the track on BMX Day in Alberta  or at Provincial races.

How does beginner coaching work?

This practice time is focused on riders that are new to the sport and typically are younger. Skills that will be worked on are how to safely begin from the starting gate, traverse each straight, how to pump through the rhythm section, manage corners, etc. We teach the fundamentals of BMX racing so everyone can learn new skills and enjoy the sport safely. Many coaches and volunteers are on the track to help our new riders.

What should I expect on A race night?

Race nights are the absolute best opportunity for your rider to gain valuable experience and race others their own age, gender, and ability (otherwise known as rider classes which are Novice, Intermediate, and Expert). Depending on the number of riders available, classes / ages /genders may be combined as per UCI regulations. Most importantly, race nights are a ton of fun and will help you appreciate the hard work that is put into practice. New to BMX? Don't worry...there are always many board members and coaches available to help answer questions and point you in the right direction. After a race or two, you'll get the feel of how a district race is run.

Are "run bikes" (balance bikes) allowed?

At this time we only allow two-wheel pedal bikes for formal racing and coaching. We do support a small run bike ("strider") event before each race night where younger kids can try a couple of laps on the last two straights of the track. Stop by our moto shed on race nights for more details.

Do you teach kids how to do tricks?

We teach kids how to race on a BMX track. Coaching does involve learning core skills such as jumping, how to manual, and pumping - all skills crucial for racing. BMX racing is not freestyle that you would typically see at a skatepark.

Can I reserve loaner bikes?

Loaner bikes are available first-come first-serve.

What is the provincial CUP series (aka provincials)?

Provincials is another term for the Alberta Cup race series held throughout the province each year. There are 8 races each season (one weekend is comprised of two races - one on Saturday and one on Sunday). The season ends in the fall with a championship race. Although you don't need to qualify to participate, you need to sign up for each event and have an ABA racing license. In order to qualify for a year end ranking, each rider must compete in a total of 4 races plus the final. Provincial races are similar to district races in that riders race their same age, class and gender but the events are on a much larger scale (expect 400-600 riders competing). This is one of the largest race series in North America and a chance for new riders to build on the skills they learn at the local level. We highly recommend taking part in the Alberta Cup series but it is not mandatory. For more information, go to

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