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District Races:

On race day, text your registration to 825-365-7126 before 6:00pm.  Include:

          - racer's name

          - age class, ability, and gender (eg. 7 Novice Male)

          - plate number

If you haven't raced in Airdrie before, please also include your UCI ID (found on your license from Alberta Bicycle Association). You can also register in-person at the registration window at the track from 5:30pm until 6:15pm.

Registrations close promptly, so don't be late. A rider list will be posted to the moto board shortly after the close of registrations.  Ensure that name, class, and plate number are correct. Errors need to be reported to the moto shed asap. No changes will be made once motos have been posted.

Motos (the actual races) will be posted to the same board roughly 15 minutes prior to race start. Races usually start at 7:00pm.  Note your three moto numbers and corresponding gate numbers, then head to staging where you will be guided to the gate in the correct race order.

Provincial Races:

These operate largely the same as district races except that everything is on a larger scale.  The registration window is often open for weeks, motos are posted at least an hour ahead of race start time, and the crowds are just that much larger.  Don't be intimidated!  It's really fun and most everyone is willing to help if you have questions.


A roll of masking/painters tape and a permanent marker are invaluable for noting your motos and gates on your bike!


A full list of BMX rules is available on Alberta BMX's website.

Of note are some recent changes:

Alberta BMX will be adopting the UCI clip rule for 2019. No clips will be permitted for any rider aged 12 and under (rider age as of December 31 of the racing year).

For Nationals, the minimum age for participation will be raised to 8 in 2021.

Airdrie BMX requires riders, parents, volunteers and spectators to adhere to ABA's Codes of Conduct.


All racers begin at Novice. If you have been away from the sport for more than a year, there are rules that govern at what ability level you may re-enter.

Boys move from Novice through Intermediate to Expert.  Girls move from Novice to Expert; there is no Intermediate class as the girls would be distributed so thinly as to make it very difficult to form races for them.

Boys require 10 Novice wins to move into Intermediate and 15 Intermediate wins to move to Expert.  Girls require 20 wins to move from Novice to Expert.  If you anticipate reaching the required number of wins to move up, you can contact Alberta Bicycle Association to confirm the number of wins that they have on file.  Once reaching the required number of wins, your Alberta Bicycle license must be returned either to the Track Operator (usually in the moto shed) or to Alberta Bicycle, within two weeks of the upgrade, for replacement with a new card indicating the new ability level.


Airdrie BMX's club team is open to all club members.  The team coordinator will confirm which riders will be present at which Provincial Cup races, and racers can earn points for the club, contributing to the club's overall standing in the team racing category at the end of the season. Team members will enjoy the team atmosphere and comraderie as well as additional support at races.


District race results are submitted to Alberta Bicycle Association by the race organizer.  These are typically not summarized and posted anywhere, so it is a good idea to track your wins toward your ability upgrade.

Provincial race results are available usually within a few hours of the completion of an individual Provincial race on the Alberta BMX website.  Alberta BMX also posts Provincial Cup series standings so that you are able to see how well you are doing over the course of the racing season in relation to all the Provincial competitors in the province.

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