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To begin, thank you!

We rely on volunteers to operate and without people

showing up to give time to maintain the track,

register riders, or simply keep an eye on racers' well-being,

there would be no BMX in Airdrie.



The club collects a volunteer bond of $200, but that's because we would rather have your time. Each family is required to contribute 20 hours over the course of the season and a minimum of two of those hours must be volunteered directly in relation to or during either Friday Night Lights (July 26, 2019) or the Provincial Cup races (August 10-11, 2019) hosted at our track. Twenty hours come together surprisingly quickly and we're happy to return your bond at the end of the season.

Available volunteer jobs run the gamut.  Here are available volunteer positions with as little commitment as half an hour that still contribute to  everyone's enjoyment of this exciting sport:

Flag People (aka Corner Judges at the big races)

Whether for open track or on a race night, a flag person has the best view from the middle of the track, watching for accidents and obstacles on the track.

Staging (Bottom and Top)

These people keep races running smoothly by ensuring racers are lined up in correct order by their moto and gate numbers.

Gate Operator (and Shadow)

These volunteers drop the gate to get everyone racing.

Finish Line Recorders, Runner, and Head Scorer

On race nights, these people have their keen eyes trained on the finish line to document who crosses the line in which order.


That guy with the radio voice... it could be you!

Garbage and Recycling

Not a glamorous job, but a quick and easy way to keep the track looking great and to fill volunteer hours in short spurts.

Airdrie BMX is hosting both Provincial Cup and Canada Cup races in August 2019 and will need many more volunteers for different jobs including 50/50 draws, raffles, food service, parking control, and others.

Please check in for all volunteer shifts at least 15 minutes prior to the start of that shift.

If you have a special skill you'd like to contribute, please contact any of the board members to discuss possibilities.

We ask all of our families to contribute a minimum of 20 hours toward any of these positions.  We track volunteer hours using SignUpGenius.  Please make use of this application to ensure your help is recorded!

Volunteer Hours for Casino Shifts: An Explanation


Besides the work done at the track by our great volunteers, we need to pay for things. We have a generous gift of land from the City of Airdrie (in the form of a lease) and while we do charge a membership fee, it covers less than half of our actual expenses each year. We apply for grants when available (mainly for capital improvements), and gratefully accept donations that we acknowledge on our website. Our major source of funding is an AGLC (Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis) casino, awarded to us about every 2 years.


AGLC requires us to provide volunteers to work at the casino, and we'd like to credit those volunteers for their work. The challenge is that this year the casino comes at the end of our season when people likely have most (or all) of their volunteer commitment fulfilled.  For this reason, we will be carrying any leftover volunteer hours accrued as a direct result of volunteering at the casino to that volunteer's (family) 2020 volunteer commitment. Note that this carry-over will apply ONLY to casino volunteers and the hours they volunteer at the casino, and is applicable only to that volunteer's family hours; carry-over hours are not transferable.

For example, Racer Boy has completed 15 volunteer hours at the time of the casino and volunteers for a 9-hour shift. He will have four hours carried forward to fulfill his 2020 volunteer commitment.  As another example, Speedy Girl keenly helped and completed 32 volunteer hours with the club, then she volunteers for a 9-hour casino shift. She will have a credit of nine hours toward her 2020 volunteer commitment and the club's gratitude for contributing more than the minimum required.

We are using Signup Genius for casino volunteer positions. The sign up is already open, so click the link above to get your preferred position. Volunteering at a casino is fun, the tasks are simple, and we feed you too! We appreciate your help to subsidize your membership fees and pay for improvements to the facility.

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